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America! We’re Running Out Of Time!

Hey SOW Friends and Family:

I want to ask you some questions. What’s up in our country today? Are we moving ahead as a civilization or falling behind? When I look at what’s going on in the news, via the web, or just discuss this situation with the people on the street, there seems to be a total disconnect between the various groups in our country. Can our country continue to stand as the United States if we aren’t truly united? As I gaze back into history, it appears that many nationalities are falling further and further behind as far as civil rights and liberties are concerned. Is this 2021 or 1921? What is happening to all of the progress that people of color have gained over the last 100 years? It appears that the rights of people of color are being systematically challenged by new states’ laws that are restricting voting rights, elevating white hate groups in plain sight, and police killings which are sending the people into the streets in protest on a daily basis due to civil unrest. And this is all in the midst of a pandemic that has taken the lives of over 565,000 Americans and counting. And, it saddens me to say that we still have a group of people who deny the fact that COVID- 19 even exists and who refuse to wear a mask because of the infringement of their civil liberties. With a new president and congress, will our lawmakers finally have the courage to take a stand against these attacks on democracy? Or, will they continue the status quo by using an archaic rule known as the “filibuster” which was established to create cohesion between the North and South during the Civil War over slavery?

With the number of mass shootings increasing exponentially this year, it appears that various nationalities are being targeted. Will congress ever come to an agreement over sensible gun legislation for background checks, or will congress continue to be persuaded by the NRA to scream the Second Amendment of the Constitution’s right to bear arms as their scapegoat? What will America do at this critical time in our nation when we have a border crisis with people coming from Latin American countries seeking amnesty because of horrific conditions in their home countries? We are also facing escalating tensions abroad between Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, and the United States. Does the motto that we have placed on our money in America still apply? (IN GOD WE TRUST) If America is going to prosper as a nation, our churches, government, and citizens have to take an introspective look and ask: Will we take a firm stance against injustice and stand for freedom and equality?  Because injustice anywhere affects justice everywhere? Think about questions posed in this blog and determine what you will do!!!

“Deano L”

Co-Host Speakoutworld


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