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As the Spring, Unconquered - The Art of Storytelling Through Music

by Sharon Phillip

We would like to introduce you to Francisco Dean. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Francisco resides and teaches in Chicago, where he has served on the music faculty of the University of Chicago Lab School since 2010. He received his Bachelors in music education from Texas State University and his Masters in jazz studies from Indiana University.

At the Lab School, he directs the high school jazz ensembles and teaches Digital Music Production, Sound Design, Film Scoring, and Recording Studio Musicianship. He is also the founder of the school’s first-ever electronic music ensemble. In collaboration with other digital musicians, Francisco Dean also guest appears for Chicago’s house music labels, S&S Records and Tru-Musica.

"As the Spring, Unconquered"

Francisco Dean is a musician, educator, and podcast producer. Francisco shared with us how he brought to life the memories of Holocaust victims by using their own words, combining them with the art of sound design, to form a powerful composition entitled "Frilingdik Umbazigt - As the Spring, Unconquered". Frilingdik Umbazigt was performed live by the students at the University of Chicago Lab School using sounds captured from artifacts in the archives of the at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. The piece is so moving and captures the pain, hope, and struggles of Jewish people, young and old, during their incarceration and ultimate death at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The story is told in 2 parts on the "Speak Out World: Arts, Activism & More!" podcast. The episode will premiere on September 14th and 21st.

Francisco has been kind enough to share with us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Frilingdik Umbazigt. It is truly amazing. The video will be made available to S.O.W. members here on our website later this month.

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