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The Courage of an Artist

JIM HILL - Artist • Educator • Humanitarian

by Sharon Phillip

In his poverty-stricken days as a youth in the inner city of New York, Jim could not afford art supplies. Out of necessity, he created his own palette of colors consisting of recycled paper materials. He uses the different colors from pictures and print ads cut into small pieces to create the palette for his Mosaic Master-Pieces.

Jim was listed in Who’s Who in America in 1994-95 as an Outstanding Educator and was cited in newspapers and on television for his contributions and work with the homeless and underprivileged.

Jim was honored by the United Nations for his, anti-Apartheid poster. He won first place in the prestigious Weeksville Art Contest and was feted and praised by Omega Psi Phi fraternity for his dedication to expanding educational and career opportunities for young people in the advertising community. Tune in to hear him tell his story on episode 14 of the "Speak Out World: Arts, Activism & More!" podcast, now available on multiple platforms. To learn more about Mr. Hill, his work or to order his book, "Historical Blues", visit his website at

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